Massage Rates

THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE…your partner in health!

Accidents, repetitive motions and everyday stress can cause problems that sometimes seem to lodge themselves permanently in our body.

  • Neck pain
  • Shoulder stiffness
  • Lower back pain

Doing everyday activities such as working, driving or sleeping, headaches, post-exercise soreness and postural problems are all conditions that respond well to massage therapy. Research shows that it will decrease muscle tension, increase circulation and calm the nervous system therefore helping to relieve pain, helping to heal certain conditions and prevent their return.

Therapeutic Deep Tissue Circulatory Massage

The therapeutic benefits include increased blood flow, increased muscle tone, improved oxygenation to the muscles, and, of course, relaxation. Some people like a deeper level of tissue manipulation, referred to as Deep Tissue on the market, but I have found most of the time what they are really looking for is a deeper circulatory massage. In any case, the pressure will range depending upon the needs and toleration of the client.

60 minutes – $90

90 minutes – $120


I require 24-hour advance notice to cancel or reschedule services. You can do so via phone at 310-729-5386 or email at I will do my best to accommodate a schedule change. If you miss a scheduled appointment or cancel with less than a 24-hour advance notice, you will be charged 50% of the full amount for the scheduled session. In the event of therapist illness, 24-hour notice will be given to you. In the event of sudden illness, all attempts will be made to contact you, and your session will be rescheduled.


Unless legally required, NO client information will be shared with anybody for any reason without written consent from the client.



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