About Me


Certified Massage Therapist (CA #7645), Massage Instructor, Mat Pilates Instructor, Certified Dream Coach ®

Toi Beaman Leal, CMT, CDC is a massage instructor, therapist, professional life coach with a passion for holistic wellness and a strong belief in caring for one’s mind, body and spirit in equal measure.  As a certified Dream Coach®, Toi acts as a catalyst for change, empowering women to take control of their lives.  Following a simple, yet profound, 10-step process you will learn how to identify your passion, articulate what you want, remove obstacles and produce results.  She is a compassionate, nurturing and supportive partner who helps women achieve their life dreams. 

As a certified massage therapist, Toi offers therapeutic relief of pain and discomfort through the expert use of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point and Sports Massage, as appropriate.  She individualizes each session to address her client’s specific need, be it stress, muscle tension, or lower back, shoulder or neck pain.   

Before becoming a wellness professional, Toi honed her expertise as a human resources manager with a Fortune 20 company.  She is highly skilled in coaching and counseling individuals and groups.  Toi maintains a private massage practice in Los Angeles, CA.  She’s on staff at Seaton Chiropractic and Functional Medicine and is an Instructor at IPSB at Life Energy Institute in Culver City.