Dig Deeper!

Integrity has been the running theme in my life these last few weeks. Whether teaching principles in class, life lessons with my son or with coaching clients, the topic keeps coming to the forefront. So, I started asking myself if there’s a lesson the universe is trying to teach ME?

I mean, in the last few years specifically since I attended the Dream Coach Certification program, I have been keenly aware of the importance in keeping my word, especially to myself. Sure, I’ve faltered on occasion, but always get back on track with a little help from my Dream Team. So why is this coming up so frequently now?

Peeling back the next layer of the onion revealed rather challenging inconsistencies between my word and my actions in regards to personal ‘hot topics’ (and apparently the Universe has decided it’s time to clean it up!). As I hear myself coaching my clients, teaching the students, educating my son, I’m also hearing the words I need to strengthen my spirit, which will enable me to deal with those more emotionally-charged hot topics. So, I’ll keep listening and start walking the talk more closely, when I feel the time is right.

What message is the Universe sending you? Are you able to hear it, through all the noise of life? Look for situations that keep repeating. What is the underlying message? And if the message is something you think you’ve got handled, look again. Look under the hood, see if the message is really for you. Being in integrity with your words and actions is key to making your dreams come true.



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