Your Word in Action = Integrity

My role as a parent is to raise the best human being I can. To teach, to support, to love and to let him falter so that he builds the strength and stamina to lead his own life. Of late, the teachings have been about being in Integrity. What I’ve just come to realize is the lesson I’m teaching my son is one I’m reinforcing in myself.

Being a {wo}man of your word.

How does integrity play a role in your life? Do you do what you say you’re going to? Do you keep promises to others but not to yourself? Look across the various areas of your life for incompletions those things that are lingering undone: health, work, home, relationships, your car, medical issues, legal issues, taxes, insurance. You get the idea, then make a list of the things you need to complete and set a plan to do it. Break down complex or huge items into manageable pieces and get moving, one step at a time. Start small to build some self-credibility and success.

Your word is your bond, and is equally important to keep with yourself as it is to keep it with others! Your word in action is Integrity.


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