Take Care of Yourself

I ran across this thought as I was ruminating on what to write.

“In the “busyness” ‘of life it can be difficult to do what’s needed to take good care of yourself. Identify one thing you can do today that supports self care – and commit to doing it. Perhaps you’ll soak in a hot bath, make that doctor’s appointment, have a conversation you’ve been needing to have, or get a good night’s sleep. (Or anything else that works for you!) Have fun with this and enjoy how good it feels to take care of YOU!”
~ Beyond Mindset Village Daily Wisdom Reminder http://www.BeyondMindsetVillage.com

This week I have been taking care of me. For a few weeks now I’ve been tackling some incompletions or tolerations in my life. Some have been extremely easy, like sending a quick email, and others like doing my taxes have been a bit of a challenge. I’ve shined the light on things I’ve been avoiding too, emotional lightning rods if you will, and it’s been pretty scary. However, I’m not doing it alone. I’ve called on a few friends to buoy me up and hold my hand. They’ve been my coach, holding me accountable for doing what I say I want to do, and followed up to make sure I was on target.

And you know what I learned (again!)? The hardest part is to take the first step! Once I was in action, everything sort of fell into place. And, I also learned (again!) that in the absence of concrete information, my mind will believe the worst case scenario above all others, when in reality there are many possibilities.

How are you taking care of yourself? Who’s supporting you when you need it? Are you ready to stand in integrity and do what you say you want to do? Are you ready to take that first step?

As the Nike ad states “Just do it”. Stop playing the avoidance game and take a single step forward. It’ll be scary at first, however learning to stand up to your fears is the true reward.

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