21 Days…Just do it!

Hello! I just realized there are 23 days left in this year. They say that you can change almost anything in 21 days. Just three weeks and you can develop new habits that better fit the you YOU want to be in 2012.

Want to start meditating? Exercising? Eating healthy? Stop smoking? Start by making a commitment— a commitment to you — to do just one thing in support of your dreams, goals, desires until the end of the year… it’s really not that far away. Want to eat healthier? Choose one dietary change and stick with it. Want to exercise more? Take a walk at lunch hour every day, even weekends. Take it one day at a time, marking it off on the calendar, if you like. The key is to do it every day. As you do you’ll be resetting your neural pathways so when the 21 days are over, you will have created a new habit. You’ll have experienced the benefits of the changed behavior and be more apt to stick with it after the prescribed time has passed.

Wouldn’t it be nice to start off 2012 (or end 2011!) already ahead of the game? Pick something that’s relatively easy for you to do, so you can build your success muscles. Don’t try to quit drinking and chocolate at the same time. That’s a recipe for disaster (trust me, I know!). Pick one that with a little determination and support, you will be successful. Then, when January comes around you’ll be starting the year on a positive note, and one step closer to your dreams, goals and desires.



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