What Color is your Lens? (Part 1 of 2)

This past week I’ve been battling a cold and I’m happy to say, I’ve won this fight.  I reckon the reason is because there’s been time to take care of myself, and rest my body.  The side-effect of all that rest is there’s been lots of time to think.  Oh, the things that go through my head! Some are hilarious, others are self-destructive, and still others are downright brilliant, if I do say so myself!   Listening to the supportive thoughts and shutting down the ones that aren’t serving me is my goal everyday.

While perusing my books for inspiration for my blog, teaching and coaching activities, I remembered a training I participated in, back when I worked in the corporate world.  It’s called “Six Thinking Hats” by Edward de Bono, and I wondered about it’s application to my world now.  The de Bono website defines the process as a simple, effective parallel thinking process that helps people be more productive, focused, and mindfully involved.  Each thinking role is identified with a colored symbolic “thinking hat.” By mentally wearing and switching “hats,” you can easily focus or redirect thoughts, the conversation, or the meeting.

Well, I got to thinking about how we ‘see’ the world, ourselves and others, and how we might apply the same principles to our personal lives, solopreneur efforts and small businesses. What lens is your dominant perspective? And if you apply a different colored lens, how could you change your perspective?

Today, I’ll share three of the different colored lenses with their general descriptions, according to de Bono, as well as my perspective on its application in our personal lives.  In my next post, I’ll share the remaining three colors.

White:  The White Hat calls for information known or needed. “The facts, just the facts.”

In applying the white lens to your life, ask yourself “Where are you, today?” “What is true for you today?”  This is a time to be honest with yourself, without punishing or embellishing.   Do you need to lose weight? Are you trying to build your business? Do you want a better relationship?  Where are you starting from?

Red:  The Red Hat signifies feelings, hunches and intuition. When using this hat you can express emotions and feelings and share fears, likes, dislikes, loves, and hates.

Take a moment and connect with your current reality.  Notice how you react. Where do you feel it in your body? Is your stomach in a knot? Does your breathing change? Do you feel anxious, angry, sad, excited?  What emotions arise when you think of your current reality?  What emotions come up when you think of your dreams, goals or desires? Be gentle with yourself, but be honest.  By acknowledging your feelings you begin to tap into what will motivate you to make a change.

Black: The Black Hat is judgment – the devil’s advocate or why something may not work. Spot the difficulties and dangers; where things might go wrong. Probably the most powerful and useful of the Hats but a problem if overused.

Ah, now this one I’m very familiar with!  This is the voice in your head that says “Who do you think you are??!! You can’t do xxxx!”  “You’ve never done it before, what makes you think you can now?”  “You’re not xxxxx enough!”  All those limiting beliefs that undermine your dreams, goals and desires.  This time, let ’em rip!  Write down everything you think of. All those problems, difficulties, cautions and insecurities.  With the right perspective and a solid plan you can overcome these challenges, but you’ve got to give them a voice. Let them be heard and write them down.  That’s the first step to begin diminishing their power over you.

Ok, so that’s it for today.  Next post will cover the final three lens colors: Yellow, Green and Blue.




As a Certified Dream Coach ®, Body-Centered coach and teacher Toi empowers you to take control of your life.  Following a simple, yet profound, 10-step process you will learn how to identify your passion, articulate what you want, remove obstacles and produce results.  Call 310-729-5386 or email now for a free consultation!


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