Walking the Talk

This week I took advantage of unexpected downtime to reflect on whether or not I’m living life according to my rules, dreams and desires.  I mean, as a life coach I better be asking myself the same questions I ask my clients!!

And the response is “Yes, I am”!  I’m putting my dreams (big and small) out there and they’re coming true.  And with each passing phase, there’s more clarity. That’s not to say it hasn’t been fraught with issues, concerns and uncertainty, but I’ve also been blessed with joy, gratitude, appreciation, accomplishment and a deep sense of confidence and belief like I’ve never known before.  I trust myself more than I ever have, and that truly is a blessing.  

Dreams don’t have to be grandiose goals like climbing Mt. Everest or sailing around the world opening orphanages for the underprivledged – both wonderful dreams, by the way.  It can be as simple as did you get up this morning and go through your day being true to yourself, doing the best you can and feeling good about it, honoring your desires.  Are you walking your talk?  If not, why not?

If you need help figuring it out, a life coach can help you sort through to find the gemstones in your life, polish them up and let the real you shine through!

If you’re interested in exploring whether coaching is a good fit for you, leave a comment below, send an email to Toi@TBLBodywork.com  or call me at 310-729-5386 to set up a FREE 30 minute consultation!



Photo credit: James W Bailey

1 thought on “Walking the Talk

  1. It’s a case of getting up in the morning with a goal or purpose in mind. It seems to make all the difference in how the day goes.

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