Are Things Running Amuck?

In the last couple of weeks, you can hardly escape the news of the economic troubles that plague the world.  Political posturing, lower ratings, dropping dows, pending doom.  I’m not making light of it, I get that this is the fuel our world runs on, thus some attention must be focused on it. However, there’s attention, and there’s preoccupation. It’s important to find the balance.
When things get this topsy turvy, my thoughts go to what’s within my control.  I can’t control how the global markets react, I can only control how I react, and I choose not to react out of fear.  Making a conscious decision to breathe, turn off the news and not speculate on what could happen are the first steps for me. This can be applied to any area of your life when things start to spin out of control. Stop. Breathe. Understand what’s IN your control, and take appropriate action. 
What steps do you take to bring the balance back into your life?  If you’ve found something that works for you, please share it with others so we can all add more tools in our toolkit.

2 thoughts on “Are Things Running Amuck?

  1. This was a great post and of so much importance. I will watch news stories once to be informed, but by the second time I hear the same depressing news it’s tv off time! I practice gratitude every day ( literally making a mental list of all the things I am grateful for at that moment) which really helps with balance! I exercise and make sure to actually smell the flowers. And for me a glass of red wine helps balance my “too” physical work day…

    1. Thanks, Bonni! It was a revelation when I finally realized I could exercise some control over what is being reported ad nauseum over the airwaves by TURNING IT OFF! Enlightening! LOL! I’ll play a motivational piece from the Chopra Center, Hay House radio or some business building teleseminars (I’m a junkie!) and I’m good to go. And, everythings better with wine:-)

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