Over the last couple of weeks I’ve had the opportunity to look at change in the face. Of course, change happens all the time, but it’s playing out both in my personal and work life at the same time, and none of it is within my absolute control. Not easy for a control freak!

I found myself churning and churning over the same thoughts for days, unable to break free from the broken record playing in my head. In the mix were nagging messages to reach out to a few people and ask for guidance and support. Unfortunately, my usual cast of characters that pull me through times like these were unavailable. Then Tuesday, while working on a project, I heard the voice of one of my team members who’d been on my mind and knew I just needed to make the call. This morning I finally reached out, had a 30 minute conversation and gained freedom from the skipping record in my head. All it took was to talk it out to get back on track moving through the changes.

Are you standing in the way of change? Afraid of letting things go? Change is happening all around us, and it’s natural to get stuck or worse, resist it. The challenge, or should I say “lesson” is to roll with the change and let things unfold as they will. If you get stuck, then reach out to a trusted advisor. Someone who’ll listen to you and help clear the way for you to come to your own answers.

Step out of the way and trust that things will occur the way they’re supposed to. Try letting go control of something small and insignificent first. Then, as you build up your ‘change muscle’ you can tackle more complex issues in your life.

Change is happening all around us so learn to embrace it!



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