Ya Gotta Believe!

You’ve got the first few ingredients of Integrity, Intention and Purpose  mixed into Living Your Dream Life, sprinkled it with a bit of Reality, a pinch of Doubt.   Now it’s time to add in Belief. 

Beliefs are never neutral– they either lead you toward your dream or hold you back.  And you choose what the believe. – Marcia Weider

Belief in your dream is essential to move you forward.  Anyway, if you don’t believe, who will?   When you believe in your dream, energy shifts and you begin attracting the resources to propel you forward.   However if you believe but still don’t take action, there’s something holding you back.  The space between where you are and where you want to be is probably filled with limiting beliefs and unsupportive attitudes. 

Reality and Doubter can be overwhelming, but remember, we all have doubts and fears.  Its a normal, protective response.  When they arise, put it in it’s rightful place.  Make sure to listen for the wisdom, but don’t let it squash your belief.  If you struggle with believing in your dream, try spending a week acting as if, and see what shifts.  Write up a list outlining what your beliefs are for where you are now, and what your beliefs are about where you want to be.  What limiting beliefs are holding you back?  Choose one which has the most ’emotional trigger’ for you, rephrase it positively and notice how it makes you feel.  Take this new empowering belief and repeat it, post it, say it loud and say it proud.  Take action and believe in yourself. 

Change your thoughts, change your life!


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