Living On Purpose

The next ingredient in the “Living Your Dream Life” recipe is Purpose

When I think of purpose, I think of the most fundamental aspect of who I am.  Who I am at my core.  It’s not what I do, although I can ‘do’ my purpose.  It’s not defined by external forces.  It’s who I was born to be.  It answers the question “why am I here?”. 

When was the last time you thought about living your life with passion and purpose?  Most of us are so busy with the daily activities and craziness that we never get around to asking ourselves “why am I here?”.  Let’s see if you can relate to this scenario:  

You wake up in the morning, dreading the drive to work.  Sitting at your desk, you think ‘there’s got to be an easier way to make a living’.  The idea of quitting crosses your mind but immediately you dismiss it saying things like ‘I should be happy to have a job’ or ‘I’ll never find a job in this economy’ or “I can’t because I need the money’ or ‘No one will hire me because I don’t have a degree, I’m too old” etc.  Fill in the blank any way you choose.   

I propose in this scenario that you may have disconnected from your sense of purpose.  Lost the passion, forgotten what excites you.  You may also just be done with the job and need to make a change, but that’s a topic for another day!

“Passion lives inside us, not in our careers or goals.  Bring what you love into your everyday life.” –  Unknown

When you live on purpose, creativity, enthusiasm and energy are infused into your life.  It gets your juices flowing!  Think of a time when you were so thoroughly engaged in an activity you love to do, that you lost all track of time.  You forgot to eat lunch.  Minutes turned into hours before you realized it and you didn’t want to stop.  Some people express that as being “in the zone”.  They’re passionate about what they’re doing.  This is when you are most closely living on purpose.

How can you tap into your purpose? Try this exercise on for size:

Look into your past to find the pearls of purpose.  Identify three moments in your life where you felt excited, passionate, “in the zone”.  Something you did with others or by yourself and, most importantly, felt good and you were proud of.  Take yourself back to that moment, feel the emotions through your body.  Remember how you felt during that experience, and write it down quickly.  No need to capture every detail, just get enough so you’ll know what the experience is.  Once you have three, look for a common thread.  If there’s no ‘passion’, don’t worry, it may come later in the process.

Once you’ve identified a common thread, put it into an empowering phrase.  That’s a start.

Next ingredient in the recipe for Living a Dream Life:  Reality

If you’re interested in pursuing a deeper lever of purpose work check out the book “True Purpose” by Tim Kelley, or go to his website at


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