Are you Paying It Forward?

Today while listening to the news, I discovered that April 30th is Pay It Forward Day.   The concept was inspired by the book of the same name written by Catherine Ryan Hide.  It’s about a twelve year old boy who believes in the goodness of human nature and sets out to change the world. 

Until an hour ago I’d never heard about the book, the author or the Pay it Forward Foundation.  I’ve always thought it was cool to help out my fellow man by paying for a coffee for the person behind me in the coffee shop, or giving change for thier purchase when they’re fumbling around trying to locate some in their wallet, or even paying the toll for the person behind me…just because.  I don’t expect anything for it except for maybe they remember the kind deed and do the same for another.  Of course, I never know for sure if it happens but I, too, believe in the goodness of mankind.  I believe in my heart that my good deed is being paid forward.

So on Saturday, April 30th while out and about doing your thing, I ask you to Pay It Forward.  Do something nice, and unexpected for someone, without expectation of something in return.  It’ll make you feel good to do something for someone else.  And if given the opportunity, ask them to do the same.  It’s simple and can have a HUGE impact on the world…one good deed at a time.

Check out the Pay It Forward trailer: Movie stars Helen Hunt, Kevin Spacey, Haley Joel Osment


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