5 Tips To Keep Your Family Moving

We all have moments when we just don’t feel like exercising.  We’re too tired, we have to get up too early,  we just plain don’t feel like it.  However, recent studies have shown that we American’s are an unhealthy lot.  And it’s not getting any better.  Physical fitness has been cut from our children’s schools, depending upon where you live, they’re not as likely to playing stickball or kick the can in the street.  If you’re a parent, you are responsible for setting the example for your kids.  If you’re not, you still have a responsibility.  It’s to yourself.  This is the only body you’ve got.  Treat it right.   

Ok.  I can hear you now.  I’ve got no more time!  I can’t do any more!  Well, maybe you don’t need to do any more, you just need to change what you are currently doing.  Here are a few tips to think about incorporating into your daily routine.

  • When you go shopping, pick up your child, etc park in the spot farthest away and walk to your destination.  Every extra step is a step in the right direction.
  • Get a pedometer and for the first week, track how many steps you take a day so you get your baseline number.  Then, make a game of it and challenge yourself to increase it by 10-15% each week.  The ultimate goal is to walk 10,000 steps a day!  Ex: if you walk 2500 steps a day, 2500 x 7 = 17,500 a week.   15%=2625 additional steps a week or 375 more a day.  Totally manageable!  When you’ve doubled your steps per day, reward yourself (not with FOOD!).  Everybody can get in the act- make it a friendly family competition!  Get creative.  FYI- 2000 steps is about 1 mile.
  • Jump rope or hula hoop!  It’s fun, it’s inexpensive, it can be done almost anywhere and it’ll bring back childhood memories.  The kids will enjoy it too!
  • Sign up for a fun run, walk-a-thon or other event.  Raise money for a good cause, teach your children the value of giving to others and get your exercise in training for the big event.
  • Make chores like vaccuming, gardening and sweeping your chance to be active.  Remember every movement counts.  Do it to upbeat music and make it fun.  

Whatever you do,  make sure to incorporate the activity into your day. If you make it an ‘extra’ to do item, it’s a sure way to fall off the exercise wagon.


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