Fitness Word Scrabble

Here’s a little fun for today.  Can you unscramble these words? All of these are daily activities that can help you exercise.  Have fun figuring them out, then scroll down to the bottom to see how many you got right.  Better yet, go out and DO one of them!

1. lebalt

2. tearak

3. inetns

4. goya

5. dernangig

6. inkgih

7. eccors

8. giwimmsn

9. cidnnag

10. hogwaidgtenlk

11. ginski

12. kwingal

13. cbignicly

14. mepijorupng

15. lollibreadrng   











The Answers: 1.ballet, 2. karate 3. tennis 4. yoga 5. gardening 6. hiking 7. soccer 8. swimming 9. dancing 10. walking the dog 11. skiing 12. walking 13. bicycling 14. jumping rope 15. rollerblading

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