6 Tips for Beginning an Exercise Routine

If you are just beginning to exercise, here are some guidelines recommended by fitness experts. It is advisable to get your physician’s approval before you begin, especially if you have a heart condition or if you are recovering from a serious illness or injury.

1. Build your exercise program slowly. This will decrease the chances of injury and discouragement. Begin walking at a moderate pace for 5-10 minutes or so. Work your way up to 20 minutes gradually. It’s creating the habit that’s most important. As exercise becomes a regular part of life, it becomes a reward in itself.

2. When beginning something new, whether it’s yoga or tennis, get some instruction. Qualified instructors can help you use your body correctly, progress quickly and avoid injuries.

3. Consider water exercise. It can be effective for both improving fitness and losing weight, no matter what your age or physical condition.

4. Yoga, tai chi and martial arts can be very helpful for back pain and fibromyalgia. They are also reported to improve flexibility, coordination, posture, and stress management.

5. Try different approaches. If you find it hard to walk consistently, sign up for a weight-training or water aerobics class. Different activities appeal to each of us. If you are an outdoor person, you may prefer the trail to the swimming pool, but if you’ve always liked to dance, you may want to sign up for African dance or even yoga, because you will probably enjoy moving through the postures. Ask about classes and instructors in the community.

6. If you are sore after exercising, take a hot bath or shower, include a few stretches after your workout, and try a massage in the hours after you exercise. Massage can help tight muscles let go and recuperate faster.

Massage relieves muscle tension and stress

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