What My Garden Taught Me

Today I finally went out to my garden to pluck the weeds and cut back the rose bushes, which was supposed to be done in January.  As I stood at the edge, looking down at the roses with clippers in hand, I couldn’t see where to cut because the weeds had grown so tall they blended in with the base and height.  So, on my knees I went, to start pulling at the roots.  And there was my revelation:

I couldn’t see the beauty of the roses through all the weeds, just like when I can’t see the beauty of my life through all the negative self-talk running in my brain.  But, when I did the work to remove the weeds at the root, pulling the leaves out through the branches, the beauty of the rose bush was revealed.  It was always there, but covered in weeds, just like my beauty is always there, but can be smothered in negative self-talk. However, when I do the work to reinforce the positive images, gratitude and affirmations, my inner beauty shines through with confidence.

I am a beautiful rose, and I will continue to nurture my inner-garden, nipping out the weeds at the root before they take a strong hold and overpower me.  And I’m confident in knowing if and when a weed does grow larger than it should be allowed, I have the tools to dig it out at the root and remove it…



2 thoughts on “What My Garden Taught Me

  1. I love this one….I really am enjoying all you entries! I am so happy we connected the east and west coast, and keep a little of our northeast roots, as well! Time for me to read some more. You are awesome! Namaste

    1. Thanks Bonni! Going back out there today. Who knows what else I’ll learn. Maybe that I need to tend to the things I love more often! It’s a mess. LOL!

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