Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life!

I read somewhere that we think on average of 50,000 thoughts a day, and many of them are negative.  “I can’t do xxx.”  ‘I’m not good enough to xxx.”  “Nobody will believe xxx.”  Do you recognize any form of these running through your head?  Maybe you’re even saying them aloud.   “I’m so fat!” “I’ll never lose the weight.”  We say or think these words so often, not realizing the power we’ve given them.

We’ve hypnotized ourselves into believing these thoughts are reality, when they are just…well, thoughts. No different than telling ourselves we’re a purple elephant.  But really, even if you repeated “I’m a purple elephant” daily, for a month, would you believe it?  Probably not.  So why do we believe our self-talk?  Most likely because sometime in the past we struggled with an issue, which gave birth to the original thought. Then, with that as a focus, we continued to find evidence to support it.  No matter how many times you say you’re a purple elephant, you’ll never find the proof to support it, however our life experiences are not that obvious.

Well, now it’s time to change that negative self-talk tape playing in your head.  Over the next few days, take notice of your thoughts.  When you realize you’ve pressed ‘start’ on that tape, IMMEDIATLEY turn the words around to a positive statement.  “I can do xxx!”  “I’m making healthy choices today!”  “I am good enough!”  You can even use a prop, like snapping a rubberband around your wrist, to break the pattern.

Change your thoughts, change your life!


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