Do you recognize the possibilities when a door closes and another one opens?  So many of us pine away for things that are lost, gone… the door that closed, and don’t see the opportunities that lie ahead through the doors we have yet to open.  For me, this week  has been a challenge but instead of focusing on the door that is closing, I decided to turn toward the light and the doors that are opening.  What I found is I had a few too many choices!  So I’ve been spending time experimenting with the possibilities.
Here’s one of the processes that is helping me gain clarity on the decisions that need to be made, the choices available, prioritization and possible next steps: 
  • Write down the issue(s)
  • Explore the possibilities for each issue and paraphrase to encapsulate the possibility
  • Step away to do some deep breathing, grounding exercises to settle the body and mind
  • In a more mindful state, review one possibility at a time, noticing what happens when I speak the issue/possibility out loud.  What happens in my body?  Being aware of sensations, images, feelings, thoughts, memories etc.
  • Keep asking “what else am I noticing?” until I have no further answers.
  • Shake it off, then repeat with the next possibility until the list is complete.
  • Review what’s learned about the response I had to the possibilities and determine next steps.
This mind and body process should shed some light on which door that’s right for you to open first.
Keep on Dreaming!

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