Where intention goes, energy flows

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks working on my incompletions, becoming aware of what I’m tolerating, and making decisions about what to work on to clear them up.  There’s still much more to do, however, I knew it would take diligence and time and I’m committed to keep plugging away at it.  Now I’m feeling ready to move to the next step – making commitments that empower me. 
To that end, while on Facebook last week, I read a challenge from a local community group asking people to walk one mile a day until January 1, 2011.  One mile.  That’s it.  OK, it’s not the marathon that others have done, or the 204 mile bike ride event a friend just completed with her dad.  It’s one mile a day…period.  I like to workout, I enjoy lifting weights, walking etc, so this is no big deal.  Or is it? 
The issue really isn’t about working out, walking or whatever…it’s about making a commitment and keeping my word –to myself.  And, as the journey begins, I can hear the chatter in my head, excuses already finding their way into my mind.  Finally, as I put on my sneakers and headed out the door, I decided to hold myself accountable to this standard – 7 miles per week.  Same end result, but with the flexibility I need to work this into my life, and keep my word to myself. 
Now I ask you, are you keeping your word with yourself?  Do you bend over backwards to keep your word with others, but allow excuses to break your commitment to yourself?  Do you do what you say you want to do?  It’s about getting to your truth and living it in order to have a richer more rewarding life.  Truth leads to Trust; Say what you mean and mean what our say. 
 Honor your word to yourself  as much as you honor your word to others.  You deserve it!

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