Job Loss – A Good Thing?

Today there are so many of us struggling with job loss, or the fear of losing a job. This fear can wreck havoc on all aspects of our life, personally, professionally as well as physically. Of course, this can only exaserbate the situation, spiraling things out of control.

But, lets try looking at job loss differently. There are two sides of any situation, similar to the yin/yang symbol, one side being dark, the other light. So what’s the lighter side of “loss”? GAIN! What are you gaining as a result of your situation? For me, many years ago when I walked into work only to find out the company had been bought and my department was out of a job, my GAIN was learning that I am not defined by my job. My job is what I do, NOT who I am. I offer that to you now. You are not your job, you are a vibrant source of light and energy that has gifts to share with the world. Now, I’m not saying it was a pleasant learning experience, going through it was tough at first. But when I started redefining how I saw myself, I realized quite quickly that I would be ok, my family would be ok and that I could share my unique gifts in other ways. That’s growth. That’s learning from your experiences. That’s belief in myself!

If you don’t believe in yourself, who else will?



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