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I’m proud to be a Massage Therapist. I help people live a less stressful, more productive life. Every client I serve, in turn serves me. They’re my teachers and my inspiration.
Thank You!

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The Flow


Are you going with the flow?

Or are you meticulously trying to control the who, what, where, when and how of your dreams?  I’m an admitted control freak.  I make multiple lists and contingency plans, checking and double checking, thinking and rethinking…dare I say over-thinking even the simplest of decisions.  They say the first step in recovery is to acknowledge you have a problem. Well, I’ve been working on letting go and going with the flow for a few years now, and I’m happy to report there is a certain ease to my life now.

Going with the natural flow of my life, listening to my gut versus resisting my intuition has unearthed remarkable opportunities that I would not have imagined a few years ago.  Of course, there are times where control is needed, but I’m convinced it’s not half as much as we think. Look for those opportunities where you can stop controlling and let the wind guide you toward living life with more ease, propelling you toward your dreams.

Keep Dreaming!

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